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Kilo – The Wildernis

On their new album “The Wildernis” Kilo are clicking, plucking, bowing, hitting and singing their way through a diversified Electronica plot that contains elements of techno, jazz, rock, contemporary music and improvised music. Subtle melodies arise to be deconstructed or smashed into pieces by harsh soundstructures in the next moment. So „The Wildernis“ does not only stand for exploring the musical possibilities of the interaction between electronic sounds and acoustic intstruments, but also for a charming mixture of different musical styles and elements. Playfully kilo gains space in „The Wildernis“ and so the third album arises in easiness. Electronica in it’s sense -interwoven with the work of brilliant guestmusicians.

They get supported by Didi Bruckmayer and Sigmar Aigner (both from „fuckhead“), Vera Fischer – Flutes and Benedikt Leitner- Cello – both members of the ensemble Klangforum Wien, Christof Dienz – Zither, Hannes Löschel – Fender Rhodes and Clayton Thomas – doublebass.
But The Wildernis is more than just a new KILO Album, it Is a collection of 11 tracks and 11 videos. The whole album has been visualized by Ulrike Ostermann, Adnan Popovic, Walter Rafelsberger, Christian Stoppacher, Markus Urban as well as KILO, who put together a stunning collection of experimental music videos and animations to enrich the listening experience and build the base for further experiments.

Guitars, Electronics, Devices and Vocals by Florian Bogner and Markus Urban.
Written and produced by Florian Bogner and Markus Urban.
Mastering by Erich Fahringer and Kilo.
DVD Authoring by Erich Loibner
Distributed by Rough Trade Distribution


01 For Those Who Go Away
02 Masken
03 Gletschermilch (Zither by Christof Dienz)
04 Shivering (Vocals by Didi Bruckmayr and Sigmar Aigner, Cello by Benedikt Leitner)
05 Integrals
06 Dia
07 Wildernis
08 Melody (Flutes by Vera Fischer)
09 Langdeep (Doublebass by  Clayton Thomas)
10 Dickicht (Fender Rhodes by Hannes Löschel)
11 Du musst keine Angst mehr haben


01 For Those Who Go Away (Video by Erich Loibner and Karl Wratschko,
Original Footage by Alexander Waigand, Footage provided by Carla Waigand)
02 Masken (Video by Markus Urban)
03 Gletschermilch (Video by Christian Stoppacher)
04 Shivering (Video by Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann)
05 Integrals (Video by Markus Urban)
06 Dia (Video by Kilo)
07 Wildernis (Video by Markus Urban)
08 Tinamv1 ( Video by Adnan Popovic, Music “Melody by Kilo”)
09 Langdeep (Video by Markus Urban)
10 Dickicht (Video by Markus Urban)
11 Du musst keine Angst mehr haben (Video by Walter Rafelsberger)

Bonus: Tinamv1 ( Video by Adnan Popovic, Music “Melodyvar1 by Kilo”)

Kilo is an electronic music duo founded in 2003 by the two viennese sound artists and composers Florian Bogner and Markus Urban. Using their laptops and guitars, Kilo are trying to find a self-contained form of techno/house -influenced music. So far they released the albums “augarten”(onitor/kompakt 2004) and “KILO”(onitor/kompakt 2006). Together with different guest musicians Kilo are redefining their own sound universe over and over again – reaching from electronic dance music to rock, jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation. Their label “Experimentalstudio Brigittenau” was founded in 2011.

Whereas on kilo’s debut “augarten” (onitor 2004) fieldrecordings, guitar sounds and digitally generated techno beats formed a gentle folktronic menage a trios , Kilo tried to break up structures on the follow up “KILO” (onitor 2006) to make the next step and develop from loop orientated structures to improvisation and the fusion of contradictionary elements. They invited different guest musicians (e.g.. hornist Christoph Waldner, trumpet player Anders Nyquist or bassist Uli Fussenegger, all from the ensemble Klangforum Wien) and widened the range of sound sources and instruments. 2010 they released the EP „Menschen Tiere Tanzmusik“ (Konkord, Hoanzl, Broken silence) together with the „Laokoongruppe“ (singer and producer Karl Schwamberger) to deconstruct Schwambergers „Diskursdisco“ and create some mesmerizing Popambientish Techno Songs. Before getting too comftable, Kilo diverged again to release some Tracks via their website (e.g. Pequod/Finistere/Solaris/Float/ Relief/Route Raven/Enden)which are all based on improvisations and their current live setup.